BFR Bi Annual Flight Review

Miami Flight Center can help you accomplish your Bi Annual Flight Review (BFR). We have a developed a proven program designed to help you succeed.

Flight Reviews can be scheduled at any of our 3 locations around South Florida.

Miami -Opa Locka Airport
Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport
Palm Beach Lantana Airport

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BFR Program Length

The Miami Flight Center BFR / Flight Review satisfies all the FAA requirments per CFR 61.57. Expect to do one hour on the ground and about 1 hour of flying. The entire check can be completed within half a day .

Program Cost $ 270

Program Cost includes all charts and materials, 2 Hours of Instructor time and upto 1 Hours of Aircraft Rental ( C172 or Piper Warrior)


BFR’s are held throughout the year. Make sure you plan to be at the airport for at least 3 hours

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