CFI Training Course – Flight Instructor Training

The best CFI Training - Period

Initial CFI – 14 days

FAA Certified Flight Instructor Course

This CFI course is designed to take a Commercial Pilot single or multi engine airplane certificate holder to the completion of the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate in just 15 days. Expand your career horizons as a professional pilot. Build your experience, knowledge, skill and flight time, while getting paid for it! CFI certificate is required for one to teach other pilot certificate applicants, conduct flight reviews, proficiency or insurance checkouts, and is usually the first step in getting the first professional pilot job.

Most airline pilots and other professional pilots have “cut their teeth” as flight instructors. There is really no other better option than being a flight instructor to gain all that experience and flight time necessary to advance on to the other professional pilot careers, like airline pilot jobs.


  • A current FAA Commercial Pilot certificate (or ATP) with Airplane Category (ASEL or AMEL)
  • A valid class III, II or I  medical certificate.
  • FIA and FOI exam passed (preferred, but not required), or AGI in lieu of FOI.

Miami Flight Center offers the Certified Flight Instructor course in three different options designed to accommodate the training needs of most people.The initial CFI course consists of  30 Ground Lessons and 15 Flight Lessons. Typical training times are listed below.

1) Self-Paced Programs –  4-5  Months

2) Part Time / Weekend Structured Programs – 3  Months

3) Full Time Accelerated Program 15 Days

The typical cost of this structured  program is $ 5000 . This price includes all fees including flight training, ground school, simulator training, books , checkride fees etc Note – The CFI and CFII Program can be combined – Training time is 21 Days & the course fee is $ 6500 Note – The CFI , CFII and MEI Courses can be combined – Training time is 3o Days and the course fee is $ 8500

Financing is available monthly payments start at $169/Month

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