CFII Training Course

CFII Course- 10 days

CFII Course- 7 days

FAA Certified Instrument Flight Instructor Course

The CFII add on course is designed to take a holder of a Certtified Flight Instructor- Airplane (CFI-A)to the completion of the Certified Flight Instructor (CFII) Certificate in just 7 days. The CFII certificate is required for one to teach other Instrument pilot certificate applicants, conduct instrument proficiency checks, and/or  insurance checkouts.




  • A current FAA CFI Certificate
  • A minimum of class III medical certificate, valid.

The CFII add on course is 10 Ground Lessons and 5 Flight Lessons. Typical training times are listed below.

1) Self-Paced Programs –  2-3  Months

2) Part Time / Weekend Structured Programs – 1 Month

3) Full Time Accelerated Program- 7 days

Financing is available from just $89 per month. The typical cost of the program is $ 2500 . This price includes all fees including flight training, ground school, simulator training, books , checkride fees etc. Note – The CFI and CFII Program can be combined – Training time is 21 Days & the course fee is $ 6500 Note – The CFI , CFII and MEI Courses can be combined – Training time is 3o Days and the course fee is $ 8500

Financing is available monthly payments start at $129/Month

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