Finish Up Programs

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Finish up your flight training in Sunny Florida -We are the finish up experts !

Many of the pilots who enroll in Miami Flight Center started their training elsewhere. Many had 30 to 50 hours toward their Private or Instrument, but just couldn’t get the job done at thier local flight school or college. Many students have to stop thier flight training due to family or career commitments or some pilot’s are frustrated because of a lack of organization, inexperienced flight instructors that left for other employment, scheduling difficulties due to weather or aircraft availability.

Or perhaps their flying club, flight school or FBO did not provide an adequate course outline, study guide, a structure or a plan for training or equipment, such as simulators…“I just didn’t seem to be making any progress,” is the comment we hear most often. Many of these frustrated pilots blamed themselves and some even considered giving up.

We can make it happen ! Imagine scheduling your checkride first and then starting your flight training.

Miami Flight Center has long been considered the “Finish-Up” experts and we’re extremely proud of our reputation of “getting the job done” quickly. A long weekend is usually all it takes for most of our “finish-up” students. We can customize a training program to satisfy the most demanding schedule and by getting away from the distractions, you’d be amazed at the progress you can make.

We can help you “Finish Up” your flight training in as little as one long weekend. Get your logbook and call us at 786-708-2359 . Together, we can put together a plan to accomplish your aviation goal.