Instrument Rating Course

An Instrument rating is added to your Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate:It allows you to fly in weather that is below VFR Minimums. Once you earn an instrument rating you can legally file and fly in weather that would normally ground most VFR pilots. It is issued by the FAA once you have satisfactorily completed the training program, written test and flight exam

The minimum qualifications to obtain an Instrument Rating are
1) Obtain an 3 rd class FAA Medical Certificate
2) Complete a course in Flight & Ground Instruction that includes at least 15 hours of dual instruction from a CFII
3) Successfully pass a computerized Knowledge test and Practical Exam
4) You should also be able to speak, read and write in English

Whether your goal is to fly professionally or for pleasure, our Instrument Pilot course will prepare you with the tools you need to earn your Instrument rating in a very structured manner.

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Private Pilot :- Program Length

The Miami Flight Center Instrument pilot course satisfies all the FAA requirements.


Full Time Students – 2 Lessons per day can expect to finish the course in 10 – 12 Days.

Part Time ( 2 lessons per week) students usually finish in 3- 4 months.

Program Cost —$10,515
Finance it from $257/month

Aircraft Rental- 40 Hrs Piper Warrior II $4800
Flight Instruction Instruction – 40 Hrs $2400
Ground & Simulator Instruction- 40 Hrs $2200
Instrument Pilot Kit (Books Etc)- $200
Check Ride Fee – $600
Airplane for Check Ride -$165
Knowledge Test $150

Instrument Pilot Course Total –$10,515
Full Financing is available from $257/month


Instrument Pilot Training is conducted throughout the year. Make sure you plan to be at the airport for at least 3 hours for each lesson

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