International Students

International Students

Miami Flight Center does not require foreign pilots to pay in advance for their flight training.  Instead, you pay as you learn.  We provide year-round training for foreign pilots wishing to fly from the “first-solo” to the Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) up through the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATPL).


Miami Flight Center cannot issue visas. To receive your flight training at Miami Flight Center you must have either a green card, or an F-1 (Student) visa. If you have a J-1 (Exchange Visitor) or M-1 (Student) visa you may be able to receive your flight training here if you get permission from the issuer of your visa. Please note that if you are traveling with a B-1/2 visa, on the visa waiver program, or with a Libyan passport you cannot flight train at Miami Flight Center.

Transport Security Administration (TSA)

Foreign pilots must register with the TSA for the following Certificates and Ratings:

  • Private, Recreational, or Sport Pilot Certificate
  • Commerical Certificate (only if this is the candidate’s initial FAA license)
  • Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating

Foreign pilots do not have to register with the TSA for the following Certificates and Endorsements:

  • Flight Instructor and ATP Certificates
  • Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Complex and High Performance Endorsement
  • Aircraft Rental Checkouts

To register with the TSA please go to

Notes about the TSA registration process:

  • You must have a passport and visa.
  • You are a category 3 student.
  • Under course number please enter the name of your course. For example: “Private”
  • You will have to pay a $130 application fee.
  • Please enter any and all aircraft that you wish to fly during the course of your training. If you intend to fly in the cessna 150 please be sure to add the cessna 152 as well.
  • Once approved you will notified via email.  You must then get fingerprinted.
  • Once fingerprinted Air America will take your photo.
  • Once your photo is sent to the TSA your flight training can begin!
  • If, at any time, the TSA determines that you are security threat they will notify us and training will be stopped immediately.
  • If flight training does not begin with 180 days of TSA approval the candidate must resubmit their application and re-pay the $130 application fee however new fingerprints will not be required.
  • When asked for course number and course ID please enter the name of the certificate for which you are applying, for example “private.”
  • When asked for the aircraft you will be training in please enter any and all aircraft you intend to fly, you can enter in more then once aircraft make and model. Please keep in mind that once it is approved you will be limited to the aircraft or aircrafts you selected.

Foreign Pilot License Conversion TO US FAA License

Note: Visa May Be Required, TSA Registration Not Required

Miami Flight Center does not issue I-20’s  at this time.

It is very popular for foreign pilots to come to the U.S. to convert their Foreign Pilot License to a FAA Pilot License.  This process is surprisingly easy and Air America Flight Center has years of experience in performing these conversions.  There are three requirements that all foreign pilots must meet to convert their Foreign Pilot License.  They are:

  • You must speak the English language fluently.  Air America does not offer English speaking classes therefore we can only work with foreign pilot who already speak English fluently
  • You must have a green card or a B-1 (Business), B-2 (Tourist), F-1 (Student), J-1 (Exchange Visitor), M-1 (Student) visa or be visiting from one of the 36 countries that participates in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).
  • You must be able to hold a third class U.S. medical certificate.

The following can be completed before arriving in the U.S.:

The first step of the Foreign Pilot License conversion process can be completed before you even arrive in the U.S.  It begins with the FAA verifying the authenticity of your Foreign Pilot License.  To do this, you must fill out a verification of authenticity form and then fax it to 405-954-9922 or mail it to:

Federal Aviation Administration
Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760
P.O. Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082

At this point the FAA will verify the validity and currency of your Foreign Pilot License.  Once this has been completed (which can take up to one month) the FAA will send a Verification Letter back to you in your home country.  When you arrive in the U.S. and come to Air America you must bring this Verification Letter, Logbook, Foreign Pilot License, Foreign Pilot Medical, Passport and Visa with you.  At this point we assist you in doing the following:

  • Receiving an FAA medical examination (at lease a third class)
  • Receiving an Flight Review Endorsement along with a Aircraft Rental Checkout in the airplane you wish to time build in

Since most foreign countries consider night time as being IFR, most foreign private pilots have zero or little night experience.  With your new Foreign Pilot License you will be legal to fly at night so it might be necessary that you receive adequate night training beyond the requirements of the Aircraft Rental Checkout.

Once these are completed we will schedule an interview with a FAA Designated Examiner to meet you at Air America.  During the interview, the FAA Designated Examiner will have the opportunity to meet you, review your information and verify that you speak English fluently.  If everything is complete and accurate the new FAA Pilot License will be processed.  A practical test is not required.  For this interview you must provide the FAA Designated Examiner the following:

  • Completed a FAA Form 8710 (We will fill this out for you)
  • FAA Designated Examiner Fee (Typically $50.00, Cash Only)
  • Two photocopies of your Passport, Foreign Pilot License, Foreign Medical Certificate and FAA Medical Certificate
  • Logbook

Notes about your new FAA Pilot License:

  • Your new FAA Pilot License is based on your Foreign Pilot License.  This means that you required to carry both copies with you when you fly in the U.S. to be legal.
  • You will be required to register with the TSA to receive flight training to add an Instrument or Multi-Engine Rating to your FAA Pilot License.