Learning to Fly: An Introduction

Flying is an exhilarating experience. Learning to fly is a very challenging and thrilling endeavor. It does not matter if you are learning to fly for fun, for business or plan to fly professionally. Initial flight training is the same and conducted in the same manner regardless of your end goal.

Step One : Is to call us at 786-708-2359 and schedule a discovery flight or an intro flight. This is a short flight lesson where you will take off with an instructor and learn the basics of flying an airplane. The whole session is only an hour long and can be easily accomplished on your lunch break or in the morning before you head to work. The cost for the introductory flight is only $199. It includes an hour long flight lesson along with a free logbook and student pilot guide.

Step Two : Is to obtain your student pilot certificate & your FAA medical exam. This usually takes about half a day and can be accomplished the same day. We schedule your exam and take care of all the paperwork and the logistics including driving you to and from your medical appointment. The cost for this service is $250

Most people like to combine Steps 1 & 2 and these steps can be accomplished in one day.

Step three : Is to start your flight training. You need 40 Hrs of flight training to qualify for your private pilots licence. This is accomplished over 40 Lessons. Each lesson is about 2- 3 hours long. Flight lessons are usually combined with interactive ground school sessions and simulator training.

Along the way you will take a locally administered short written test and a knowledge test on a computer. At the end of your course you will fly with an examiner and you will be issued your Private Pilot Certificate or what most people call the ” PPL or Private Pilot’s Licence”.

All this can be accomplished in just 2-3 weeks or over a period of months depending on your availability. We advise most students to fly at least twice a week for optimum progress. If you fly twice a week expect to earn your private pilot licence in 4-5 months.

On an average the private pilot course costs $15,000 , This includes the cost of books, supplies, instructor and exam fees, cost of aircraft rental etc.

Please call us at 786-708-2359 to schedule your complimentary consultation session.