Pilot Services

Miami Flight Center offers pilot services in a variety of aircraft ranging from single engine light aircraft to more than 20 different types of Jet  & Turbine powered aircraft. Our proprietary database of current, insurance approved contract pilots has been cultivated over many decades.  Please call us at 1-786-708-2359 for more information. Rates for pilot services are as follows. Please understand that there will be an extra fee for a short notice call out of less than 24 hrs. Our pilots can be positioned overnight to any location in the world. Most of our contract pilots maintain current visas to Brazil, China & India.

Light Aircraft  Less than 12,500 lbs Turboprop Jet
Half Day $ 250 / Full Day $ 400 Half Day $ 450 / Full Day $ 700 Half Day $ 650 / Full Day $ 1000
Call for weekly or monthly rates Call for weekly or monthly rates Call for weekly or monthly rates


  • Above prices are for North America – For operations outside North America there will be a surcharge depending on the location and the duration of the trip.
  • Airline customers please contact us for special rates.
  • Short call out fee  if less than 24 hours notice
  • Pre-Buy test flight services
  • Aircraft Repossession services