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The Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) is your first step into the world of aviation. It is similar to earning  your Driver’s license. As a private pilot you can fly an airplane and carry passengers (friends, family, co-workers, etc). Once you earn your licence you will join a very elite group of people,  you will open new horizions in your life. It will change your lifestyle and bring with it numerous opportunites. Whether your goal is to fly professionally or for pleasure, our Private Pilot course will prepare you for your Pilot’s License in a very efficient &  structured manner.

Frequently asked questions :

1)What kind of time commitment does it take  ? 

The Private Pilot Training course consists of 52 lessons. Each lesson typically involves 1-2  hours of ground training and includes pre-flight and post-flight briefings  and approximately 1 hour of Flight Training. Expect to spend  about 3 hours at the airport for your lessons. We work on weekends and in the evenings to accomodate local students who have work , school or business commitments.

The PPL course is offered in 3 formats.

1) Self-Paced Programs – Spread out over 1 year
2) Part Time / Weekend Structured Programs – 6 months  ( Great for local students)
3) Full Time Accelerated Programs – 18 – 21 days

flight-instructors-boca-fort-lauderdale2) What about your Flight Instructors ? 

All our Flight Instructors (CFI’s) are dedicated professionals – they do not teach in their spare time or have other jobs – They teach full time and this is the only thing they do. Our flight instructors hold the coveted ” FAA Gold Seal -Designation” which means that they have thousands of hours of experience , hold advanced instructor ratings and have a very high first time pass rate for thier students. Less than 1 % of all Flight Instructors hold this designation. Our instructors are not building hours for thier next flying job. In fact all our instructors have already worked in the past as professional pilots and hold Airline Transport Pilot certificates as well.  If you have not worked with an experienced “Gold Seal CFI ”  you are missing out – You owe it to yourself to train with the best instructors.

paypal3) What is the typical cost of the program ?

The typical cost of the accelerated program is $ 8765.00. If you are a local student and would like to take our self paced course or part time course -you can pay as you go. Our course price covers all fees to include  flight training, aircraft rental, ground school, simulator training, books , checkride fees etc. If you have already started your training somehwere else we can give you full credit for your training.

We work with multiple financial institution and offer full financing for the private pilot course from just $159/ Month

cirrus_sr22_pt24) Why should I train with you ?

There are more than 50 flight schools in the South Florida Area. Our focus is on providing you a premium learning experience. The difference is our proven training syllabus and our dedicated professional instructors.We personally guide you through each and every step of the licensing process from start to finish. We have designed our system to minimize delays and frustration. We process the FAA applications, arrange all FAA exams, and guide you through all the TSA & Immigration paperwork if needed. We also arrange the accommodations and transportation if needed.

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