69 Days 0-250 Hrs Commercial Pilot Course $69,000

The ab-initio commercial pilot course is designed to take a student with zero experience through the all the flight, ground and simulator training to attain the FAA commercial pilot license with multi engine & instrument ratings. This is not the typical fly 250 Hours and take a test course- This course is not the cheapest commercial pilot course either-remember ” you usually get what you pay for ” This is an immersive training course designed to prepare you for real world professional pilot operations. Along the way you will also earn the FAA private pilot license, instrument rating ,complex, high altitude and high performance airplane endorsements. After the completion of this course many of our students have gone straight into a 3 week type rating course for an advanced jet like the Airbus A320 or the Boeing 737 NG

No prior flight time or aviation experience is required – Train to maximum proficiency not minimum standards . We train our students to go beyond the FAA minimum standards and expose them to real commercial operations. Our commercial pilot course includes

1) More than 500 Hours of Instruction

2) 250 hours Flight Time

3) 100 Hours Simulator/ Cockpit procedure Training

4) 100 Hrs. Instrument Training

5) 30 Hours Multi Engine

6) Aerobatics and Upset recovery training

7) Sailplane Training

8) Turboprop Training Flight

9) Jet Training Flight

10) Housing & Transportation included

This is one of the most comprehensive training program in the United States designed to replicate commercial pilot operations from day one.

  • Ask about adding a 3 week initial jet type rating  for an additional $20,000
  • Ask about adding the 1250 hour time-building option for guaranteed airline interview placement.

Start your Career as a Commercial Pilot Career in just 2 Months

Commercial Pilot Course
Length & Schedule

The commercial pilot course is designed to be completed in 65 Days.You can apply at anytime in the year. The excellent weather in South Florida is ideal for Pilot training. Our location enables you to fly frequently. While enrolled in the program expect to fly and study everyday except Sundays and government holidays.

Program Cost $69,000

Program Cost includes all books, supplies,flight training, Ground School, FAA Exams and the FAA Medical Exam

Financing is available monthly payments start at $549 /Month

Guaranteed fixed price – includes all flight,ground and simulator instruction, time-building, all books,supplies ,headset rental etc . This also includes the cost of check rides and aircraft rental for the check ride. This is the absolute best value in the country with no hidden costs.

Hardcore Aviation Training

This is a very intense course and student pilots should be expected to be challenged to their limits.The commercial pilot course is designed to be completed during a typical summer break from an university.

The Next Step

If you want to fly for a living. You owe it to yourself to at least give yourself the best chance of succeeding.
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