Our Training Philosophy : Structured Flight Training

There is no rule of learning that says that the longer it takes you to learn something,  the better you will learn it and the longer you will retain it. On the other hand, there is a rule of learning that says frequent intense training sessions can help make better associations and correlations resulting in faster learning for complete understanding & application of new skills. Accelerated structured training is the best & most cost effective way to learn flying ! The best airlines & military organizations train their pilots in an accelerated structured manner.

The fundamental premise of structured flight training is that the aircraft itself is very bad classroom – The airplane is loud, cramped and you are moving at 200 mph, combined with radio communication, navigation, and all other distractions it is very hard to actually learn in an airplane. Most flight schools and flight instructors want you to learn in the airplane because – that is how they make money. The longer you take to learn , the more hours they log and the more money they earn. You basically end up learning by trail and error because you learn by doing the same thing again & again picking up things along the way from inexperienced flight instructors who are actually trying to build hours for their next flying  job. Do you see a conflict of interest ?

Our method is different-  Our Instructors are seasoned professionals with thousands of hours of experience and have a genuine love for flying and teaching. They are not newly licensed pilots who are trying to build hours for their next flying job. You will learn most of the concepts and skills in our advanced simulators- which can be paused and scenarios can be replayed. Maneuvers and procedures can be repeated until completely mastered. When you actually fly the airplane, you will be completely comfortable and confident in your procedural skills. Instructor pay is directly linked to student success-not to the amount of hours flown. We use structured flight training to deliver on time successful training outcomes.

Acculearn™ Method : We also offer our unique structured flight training syllabus and lesson plans to flight Schools & professional flight Instructors. If you are  interested in licensing and using our proven system please send an email to info@miamiflightcenter.com