Youth Pilot Programs

Young Pilots Fly Solo at 16

Exciting Youth Pilot Programs

Miami Flight Center is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Aviation programs for our Young Pilots . Cadets can enter the program anytime during the year . The program is designed for young pilots between the ages of 15 -18. Cadets meet once a week for a 2 hour aviation learning experience. Cadets also have to participate in group classes and training events throughout the year.

The goal of the program is for the cadets to ” solo ” after their 16th birthday and obtain the FAA Private Pilot Licence after their 17th birthday. This program is limited to 8 students at any one time.

Students in the Young Pilot Programs develop an advanced understanding of core subjects such as physics, biology, algebra and geometry. Other benefits of the program include students obtaining an advanced knowledge of safety, time/resource management, proper work ethic, accountability and self-discipline.

Participation Requirements :

Student Pilots meet 4 times a month for structured aviation training sessions. Cadets will participate in 2 Flight Lessons , 1 Simulator Session and 1 Group class every month.

Program Costs: Registration & Initiation Fee : $ 750
Registration fee covers the cost of FAA Private Pilot Kit. Uniforms and all supplies.

Monthly Fees : $ 500

Fees Include all Ground School , Flight & Simulator training.

Monthly group classes are filled with a fun filled activities. For example
* Visit to a FAA Control Tower
* Visit to an Airline Flight Operations Center
* Interactive visit with the FAA TRACON Facility
* Night Trip to an International airport to learn about Airport operations
* Tour of the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
* Airshow Visit
* Visit to a Military Base
*Visit to Wings Over Miami Aviation Museum
* Visit to a Seaplane Operations Base
* Visit to an Aircraft Manufacturing facility
* Visit the National Weather Service Facilities
* Visit to a Corporate Flight Department and FBO.